Kinda Nice Productions

Kinda Nice Productions is a new type of creator agency, that seeks to empower small talented creators. We provide a mic, set funding, scheduling, social media management, video and image editing, as well as custom graphics and assets. We cost nothing up front, and once you are making a reasonably wage we would begin sharing a percentage of revenue based on the services provided (typically between 10-30%). 

Why Not?

Why Partner?

we cost nothing upfront, and you only pay us when we have demonstratable results. Our payment will only be based on the increased revenue that we would bring your brand, never the revenue stream that you built yourself.

What Don't we do..

What do we do?

After reviewing your content creation set up , we will provide any basic neccessities that you might need to reach an industry standard set up, to include a Blue Yeti Mic, a ring light, and set decorations. Additionally we will create and manage your digital infrastructure to include all social media platforms and art assets, in addition to setting up a personal website and professional email domain.

Hard to say

What's the catch?

Currently this entire program is run by one strapping lad (Me) and because of that we don't have access to the same resources as some major social media agencies, but that also allows us to provide a much more personalized hands on approach to content management. You would be working closely with me on a daily basis and we would design a plan best suited for your style of content, and would be expected to work roughly 40 hours a week on content creation

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