• Fleeced

    Our 380 GSM Line of hoodies feature fleeced lining, which makes them soft on the skin, and extra warm.

    Fleeced Hoodies 
  • Balanced

    Our 400 GSM models are thicker than the 380, and fleeceless, making them great choices for active and daily use

    Balanced Hoodies 
  • Outerwear

    Our heaviest weight hoodies, these are noticeably tougher than our other models. Great for exploring, hiking and skating.

    Outerwear Hoodies 

What makes your hoodies kinda nice?

Premium Materials

Every hoodie base we use are 100% cotton, and steam treated prior to shipping to reduce shrinkage. We use 380-440 GSM cotton fabric, which provides a heavyweight, premium feel.

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Okay so you use cotton... Is that it?

Eye Catching Designs

Even our most subdued designs are sure to stand out in almost any setting. In a world full of pigeons, be a peacock.

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Okay, Cotton and colors. So what?

Form and Function

Our hoodies are designed to be worn. Thick, warm, durable and visually stunning, our 3 different base models allow for you to choose the hoodie that best fits your needs.

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